Asthma clinics

If you suffer from asthma, as part of your ongoing care we will contact you each year to invite you in for a review. 

If your asthma is stable and you are considered a low risk patient, this year we would like to offer you the opportunity of a Telephone Asthma Review. The latest evidence shows these are just as effective for patients with mild or well-controlled asthma who find it difficult to attend in person.

We will ask you to complete a questionnaire which will help your GP to assess how to appropriately care for you. if you feel your symptoms are changing you can complete this questionnaire at any time and return it to the surgery either by hand, post or by email  

Asthma Assessment Questionnaire
Asthma Assessment Questionnaire


In order to ensure that you are using your inhaler appropriately please use the link below to watch a video for inhaler technique.  

 Please note that if you are having any problems with your asthma between your annual reviews you can contact an asthma nurse at 'Asthma UK' which provides wide-ranging advice through their nurse Helpline (0300 222 5800, open 9-5, Monday to Friday) or via 'WhatsApp' at

Asthma Uk also have many useful leaflets about managing your asthma