Bereavement Support in The Avon Valley

Covering the post code SP6 area

This initiative is supported by the 'Friends of Fordingbridge Surgery' & 'Patient Participation Group' and all the churches in the Avon Valley Partnership.

Bereavement support

When someone you love dies, the world can seem a lonely and empty place. At times like this it helps to talk things over with someone who will listen without judging or telling you what to do.

At the SP6 Friendship Group, our team of trained volunteers can help and support you in coping with your bereavement.

Our services for bereaved people are completely confidential  and are given entirely free of charge. We work together with  healthcare professionals, teachers, community leaders and family support workers throughout the local community.

What is available

Friendship group coffee and lunch meetings

We normally get together on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, either to have coffee and chat or lunch with a speaker. We contact you to remind you and find out if you need help with transport to these events.

Social outings

Every few months we arrange a theatre trip with transport or dinner and entertainment. We arrange for  visits with a cream tea to local gardens.

One to one support 

Sometimes we find that people do not want to join a group. In that case, you will meet with one of our trained counsellors to identify what specific support would be best for you. You then agree the way forward together.

Telephone support

It may be that you find meeting people daunting. We also offer ongoing telephone support.

Bereavement Visits & Referrals

It is important to remember that grief is a normal process and in fact an essential process. Many people will receive support from family and friends at times of bereavement. If additional support is needed, our bereavement  visitors are available to help.

Please contact our co-ordinator on 01425 540669  to ask for bereavement support. We would usually expect the call to come from the person who is asking for the support. In this way we can ensure that the details we collect are accurate. We realise that it is often difficult to make the call, so we understand if someone makes the initial call on your behalf and then passes the telephone to you.

We do also accept third-party referrals from G.Ps, Practice Nurses and Teachers – on the understanding that a referral to us  has already been discussed with you.

How Do You Contact Us?

Telephone 01425  540669

The volunteer will talk with you on the phone and you will agree what plan of action to take. You will not be forced into anything, it will be your decision.

Our services are completely free of charge and are supported by the 'Friends of Fordingbridge Surgery' & 'Patient Participation Group' and all the churches in the Avon Valley Partnership.