You may not actually need to be seen, with WebGP, you can submit an online assessment and get a response from a doctor by the end of the next working day. Give it a try, it may save you having to come in for an appointment. 

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SystmOnline is available to ALL our registered patients.  Once registered, you can book your appointment(s) online.

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Telephone Patient Line 01425 653430
Lines open from 8:00 AM

At the request of the GP Partners at Fordingbridge Surgery, upon booking an appointment, you will be asked for an idea of the problem by the reception team.

This information will assist the receptionist in booking an appointment with the most appropriate doctor or nurse.

We appreciate that some patients may not wish to disclose what type of problem they have and it is perfectly acceptable to refuse to offer this information to the receptionist.

Thank you for your co-operation


Appointment Lengths 

The majority of GP/Nurse appointments at the surgery are ten minutes and telphone appointments five minutes.

We ask, where possible, that you try to observe the 'One appointment, one problem' ethos rather than bringing a list of medical problems to the doctor.

We strive to deal with every medical problem to the highest standard for your safety, but this proves impossible if we are expected to deal with a number of problems in one ten minute appointment.

Also, please do not expect the doctor to deal with the problem of a relative or a child during your appointment. Please make another appointment if they need to see a doctor.


Private Treatments

If you require to have any follow up blood tests or removal of stitches etc. following a procedure that has been carried out privately (not under NHS care), then this must be carried out by the organisation where the procedure was performed.

We would need to treat if clinically necessary, e.g. a post op wound infection.