Coronavirus - Shielding Letters

We have received a high number of queries regarding shielding letters for very high risk patients.  NHS England sent out these letters in phase 1 and they are due to send further letters in phase 2. We have no influence over who receives these letters or any further information regarding their content.

If you feel you should be on the shielded list you can self identify on the Government website and your information will be cross checked in due course. You do not need to inform your GP as indicated incorrectly on the site. 

Frequently asked Questions Shielding for Patients

A number of patients have contacted us in relation to their Asthma. 

Shielding is only advised for those with severe Asthma on Continuous oral steroids. 

More information is available at Asthma UK about shielding and managing your asthma with Coronavirus.

Click here to find out What shielding means?