Please view the minutes of the previous AGM held on 8th April 2019.

Please view the minutes of the previous AGM held on 9th April 2018.


Annual General Meeting

Monday 8th April 2019
Fordingbridge Surgery at 7:00 PM.


  1. Welcome by Chairman
  2. Apologies
  3. Approval of minutes of AGM held on Monday 9th April 2018
  4. Chairman’s Report
  5. Treasurers Report and presentation of accounts
  6. Appointment of Auditor
  7. Alteration of the constitution in respect of length of tenure of officers
  8. Re-election and Appointment of Charity’s Trustees


    Ian Newman (Chairman)  appointed 23 March 2011
    Ann Biddlecombe                            appointed 23 March 2011
    Michelle Raymond                            appointed 12 March 2011
    Dr Toby Wallis                                 appointed 04 July 2012
    Stuart Grant                                     appointed 17 March 2014
    Roy Birkby                                       appointed 24 November 2014
    Stephanie Batty                               appointed 6 February 2017
    Rev Kate Wilson                              appointed 30 October 2017
    Matthew Steele (Treasurer)  appointment
  9. AOB
  10. Refreshments
  11. Presentations

    Everyone is welcome to attend the AGM! We hope you can come to support the work of the “Friends”,
    and meet the Trustees