Repeat Prescription Policy

"Why can I only order my prescription for 28 days at a time?"


We are in a rather difficult position in that we have been recommended by Government dictates to supply only 28 days worth of medication at a time. The reasons supporting this stand-point are that, firstly, it cuts down on wastage - patients who were prescribed perhaps three months of medication at a time were often changed to alternative medication during that period, meaning that the original medicine was then destroyed.

Secondly, we are forced to consider the rulings of Health and Safety; again, large supplies of medication often meant that patients became confused with the amount of tablets they were taking, or, alternatively, between large supplies of new and old medication. 

For those reasons the Practice has now conformed to the policy of 28 days supply of medication.

We do realise that it is irritating to have to keep coming to the Surgery for your medicine. When submitting your repeat request to us you may wish to consider one of the following options, and at least then you would only make one journey to collect the medication itself;

Whilst we realise that this is not the answer you were looking for, we do hope you can understand our reasons for maintaining this policy.