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updated at 03:01pm on 05/09/2018

by Anonymous

Under pressure? Yes, but what a service!

I just want to put on record my heartfelt appreciation for the Surgery’s response when I called on the morning of 24th July to ask for help in dealing with a difficulty with my speech earlier in the month and subsequent forgetfulness.

The duty Nurse Practitioner called back within 10 minutes, listened to my concerns and asked me to come to the Surgery at

At the on call Doctor gave me a thorough and skilful review and then arranged for an appointment for me to see a Stroke Consultant at SDH at

The SDH Cardiac Investigation Unit picked up the baton and I was seen by the Stroke Consultant within 15 minutes of arrival. After review the Consultant suspected a TIA and then sent me, armed with a map of Level 3, to have a Brain Scan, a Neck Scan, an ECG & blood tests - and finally to the Pharmacy for new medication.

At 4.15 all was done and we went home for a cup of tea!

We are all fully aware of the enormous pressures, both in terms of funding and manpower, under which the NHS is having to work - and its all too easy to be grumpy; but when one is faced with a possibly serious situation and is helped in this quite amazing way, one realises what a special thing our NHS is and how lucky we are to have it and its dedicated teams of professionals supporting our wellbeing.

My experience just serves to illustrate what a truly wonderful Surgery we have in Fordingbridge and what a superb Hospital sits on our doorstep. My thanks to everyone who supported me.

Visited in July 2018, Posted on 31 July 2018

by Anonymous

reassuring friendly phlebotomist and painless!

I would like to share my experience although embarrassed of my scenario.
This morning i had an appointment to have a blood test. I have been anxious and hardly slept last night as the thought of having a blood test is a great fear for me.
I sat in nervously in the waiting room and was soon called in for my appointment.
On entering the room, i was greeted with a kind friendly smile as she introduced herself. She appeared to recognise my anxiety almost immediately, offered me a comfortable seat, checked my identity and then we discussed the tests listed on her computer screen.
Before we went any further, she asked me if i was happy to proceed and anything i feel she should be aware of before continuing. This gave me opportunity and confidence to confirm my worries. She recommended i should lay down on the couch incase i feel unwell and not to worry, as 'if' i become unwell, she can stop at any time and 'with a press of a button' help will arrive.
Step by step she talked me though the test ensuring me it can be stopped at any time whilst she kept my thoughts distracted with general conversation about my interests and her recent annual leave.
Next thing i knew, it was all over and she insisted i rested for a while before i sat up.
Once i was sure i felt ok, she explained to me where my blood is tested and how i can obtain my results, then suggested i could sit in the waiting room with a drink of water for a while to make sure i feel ok before leaving.
So reassuring and reduced my fear for another time.
There appears to be so many people who feel it necessary to highlight negative experiences within the wonderful local services who try to do their best to help us. I feel that if people are not happy with a service they are offered, they should approach the service provider directly for the situation to be addressed and learned from.
At the end of the day, we are all human beings, no service is perfect.
When i thanked the phlebotomist for her understanding and empathy, she stated 'it's not a problem at all, we are all here to help you'. Such a lovely kind lady and such a helpful surgery.
Thank you Fordingbridge surgery.

Visited in June 2018, Posted on 12 June 2018