Violent or abusive behaviour

Our staff are encouraged to handle all enquiries in a friendly and helpful manner and, wherever possible, to avoid confrontation. We are aware that for many patients their attendance at a GP surgery can be a stressful experience. We endeavour to provide a clean and relaxing environment so that patients can await their consultation with the clinician in comparative peace.

Occasionally patients may for various reasons feel that they have a right to express their feelings in a violent or abusive manner. Whilst recognising that in some cases patients may feel there could be some justification for extreme behaviour, the other patients, our GPs, Nurses and staff are not here to be the butt of unreasonable expressions of anger. If a patient persists in such behaviour and continues to act unreasonably in either a verbal or physically violent manner, we are at liberty to take action which may result in the patient being removed permanently from the Practice list.

We will, in extreme cases, enlist the assistance of the local Police to remove an offender and in this instance we will ask the Police to issue a crime reference number which will be reported to the West Hampshire CCG. Violent or abusive patients who have been identified to the Primary Care Trust in this manner may subsequently find it difficult to register for medical services with an alternative general practice in the locality, and may be referred to a special unit which deals specifically with violent or abusive patients.