Appointments during Coronavirus Pandemic

How do I get an appointment?

 If you have an emergency you should call 999 or 111

Following NHS England guidance we are trying to minimise the spread of infection by limiting the number of patients coming to the Surgery.


The easiest and most effective method to have consult with the Practice is to use eConsult. You will then be contacted by a clinician to talk through your symptoms either over the phone, via email, or if needed and you have the available technology, through a video consultation. You can use this for yourself or your child (under 18). You cannot complete and eConsult for another adult, please call the surgery.

We will deal with your request by the end of the next working day which is a great improvement from the long waits we previously had to see a GP or Nurse.

We appreciate you using our online service (econsult) to keep our phone lines free for those who dont have access to online

Click here for eConsult


What if I do not have access to a computer, smartphone or web camera?

While technology has evolved and supports us all in many different ways in our day- to-day lives, we appreciate not everyone will have access to a computer, smartphone or a web camera for a video consultation.

We can still talk to you on your mobile phone or landline . ​Please call the Surgery and the receptionist will ask you what the problems is and what you think you need. A member of the team will then contact you to best deal with your problem.

To contact the surgery to arrange a call back call our appointments line:   01425 653 430


Patient safety

For the safety of patients and staff, we have made a number of changes to minimise the risk for you of attending the Surgery

Following NHS England guidance we are trying to minimise the spread of infection by limiting the number of patients coming to the Surgery.

Our objective is to deliver the care our patients need whilst minimising those patients who need to attend the Practice face to face. This being the case, please do not attend the Practice in person unless you already have an appointment.

We ask all of our patients to continue to observe advice around hand washing and self isolation. This will help to protect the most vulnerable in our community. 

We appreciate that this can be a worrying time but would like to reassure you that all necessary steps are being taken by our team to prevent the spread of Coronavirus within the surgery.

  • Most GP appointments have been switched to video/telephone consultations and patients will only be seen face to face after being assessed by a clinician on the phone or online
  • The Practice will continue to have processes to ensure childhood immunisation and other essential care continues but patients will be screened for symptoms of infection before coming to the surgery 
  • All routine or chronic disease reviews will be managed initially by phone or video
  • If you are seen at the surgery your clinician will need to wear gloves, gown and a mask (PPE) so don't be alarmed.

Additional Appointments - Can be accessed by contacting us as above

First contact Musculoskeletal Practitioners

You local Primary Care Network have been able to recruit Physiotherpaists to help practices to manage the large number of people who present to us with Muscular and joint problems. Physiotherpists are good at assessing musculoskeletal problems and giving you a plan to support you managing your condition; including providing initial first aid advice, exercises and referral to ongoing Physio or Hospital care where necessary. 

Mental Health Practitioners

The Local area now has access to Mental Health Practitioners who offer evening appointments to support people with mental health problems and to signpost them to advice and treatment

Doctor and Nurse appointments

In addition to the appointments above we have shared access with our local practices to additional appointments with Doctors and Nurses at the weekends. This is and invaluable resource at these difficult times and we will offer you these appointment where appropriate.  

Home Visits

Visiting for patients at home has now been commissioned by the CCG through two services. If you need a home visit you will be referred by the practice to one of these services.

 “The Frailty Team” visit elderly and complex patients who have experienced an acute deterioration in their health such as a chest or urine infection. They have a range of clinicians in including experienced nurses  and doctors who will visit you at home , arrange urgent investigations such as blood tests and urine tests and follow a patient up closely for a short period of time until they are better.

The second service is a doctor visiting service provided by a healthcare organisation called “Partnering  Health Limited” or PHL. You will be visited at home by a doctor or paramedic from PHL who will then liaise with  doctors and nurses at the surgery regarding future care. There may be occasions when neither of these teams are able to visit you at home and where this is urgently needed you will then be visited by a doctor from the surgery .

Hot Sites

Any patients who need to be seen with symptoms which could be caused by coronavirus will be provided an appointment in a designated "Hot Site". Currently this site is at Ringwood Medical Centre where you will be seen by a team specilly prepared to see such cases.

Shielded Patients

Shielded patients are seen in a dedicated room with a separate entrance. You will be asked to wait in your car and will be collected rorm the care to minimise your contact with others.  For blood tests and immunisations we have developed a drive through service to minimise your exposure to others. 

Patients booked in to this clinic will be given verbal instructions by a clinician or receptionist on the telephone prior to their appointment.

Blood Tests

Please note - you will only hear the results of your blood test if there is an abnormality detected.

If you are taking a medication that requires regular blood test monitoring, please continue to book your blood tests as frequently as your doctor has advised in the past. Please do not delay these tests as monitoring is essential to your safety when taking certain medications. You can book blood tests online via the Airmid or NHS app, (see our online services page)

Likewise, if you have been advised to have regular monitoring for a health condition, for example PSA blood tests to monitor prostate cancer, please do not delay these blood test appointments.

If you are on medication, or have a health condition that requires you to have a blood test once per year, this may be delayed for a period of 3-6 months. There is guidance that your GP is following and your monitoring may be safely delayed. Your GP will contact you to arrange your monitoring when it is required.

You can only book a blood test if a clinician has specifically requested it (GP or ANP) or if an NHS Hospital is requesting and have provided the patient with the form. 

Long-term Health Conditions


We have started some routine checks for Diabetes. We are prioritising patients based on their clinical need, and will initially be inviting patients with a recent high HbA1c level (indicative of a high blood sugar level). Patients will be contacted by the surgery and offered a blood test in the drive-through marquee, a urine test and be sent a questionnaire with information links. You will then be contacted approximately 2 weeks after these tests with your results. Please be patient as we restart this process, we are gradually increasing our capacity to undertake routine checks at the surgery but this needs to be done in a safe and controlled way that will not jeopardise the safety of patients or staff.


We have been undertaking telephone reviews of patients with Asthma and COPD (also known as Emphysema) throughout the lockdown period, and these will continue with increased capacity.


We will only be able to offer :- B12 injections, Therapeutic Injections, Shingles vaccination, School Leaver Booster injection, Baby Immunisations, Tetanus Injection, Clips / Suture removals, Minor Injury Dressings, ECG, Leg Ulcer clinic and Vasectomy clinic.

We are now seeing women for smears, implants and coils and are contacting patients who are on our waiting lists.

We have restarted therapeutic joint injections although patients will be advised thats the steroid component may reduce your immunity and could increase the risk if your were infected with coronavirus. Your GP will provide information about this before your appointment and will discuss the risks at your appointment. 


Video appointments work really well. You do need a smartphone with a good Wi-Fi or mobile connection and to be in a quiet spot where you can’t be overheard. You will receive a text when your GP is ready to start the appointment. Click on the link on the message and follow the instructions. You may need to press “join the meeting“  and enable your camera. This video shows you how it works: