Due to the pressures of dealing with Covid-19, please allow 5 working days between ordering and collecting your prescription items.

Medication Collection for At Risk Groups

Social distancing is currently advised for if you are 70 or over, have a long term condition, are pregnant or have a weakened immune system.  We would suggest that you only attend the surgery to collect your medication and otherwise contact the surgery online or by phone regarding medication.  

We are working on practical solutions for medication collection and delivery for at risk patients.

Currently the at risk groups are if you:

  • have had an organ transplant and are taking immunosuppressant medicine
  • are having chemotherapy or radiotherapy
  • have blood or bone marrow cancer, such as leukaemia
  • have a severe chest condition, such as cystic fibrosis or severe asthma
  • have another serious health condition

 If you are in the at risk groups please ask a friend or neighbour to collect your medication for you if you can.  This means that deliveries can be reserved for those that really need them. 

 If you are due to collect your prescription in the next week and are unable to find someone to collect for you please contact dispensary by email or phone between 9.00am and 11.30am and we will arrange to deliver to you.  

We will keep this information up to date so please continue to check our website. 

Electronic Prescription Service

   We are now using electronic prescriptions, find out how this benefits you  here


Dispensing Policy

Patients who live more than a mile from the surgery may be entitled to be dispensed to. This means that they are able to obtain their medicines from our Dispensary. If you are in doubt, please ask our Receptionists or Dispensers.

Dispensing Pricing 


Prescription charge (for each quantity of drug or appliance): £9.35

3-month Pre Payment Certificate: £30.25

 12-month Pre Payment Certificate (PPC): £108.10


Below is a link to the NHS site for buying a prescription prepayment certificate (NHSBSA – NHS Business Services Authority)


Telephone: 0300 330 1341

Dispensary Opening Hours:


Monday - Friday 8am - 1pm and 2pm - 6pm 

email: fordingbridgesurgery.dispensary@nhs.net 


Pharmacy Extended Opening Hours

If you need access to a Pharamacy outside of normal working hours please contact NHS 111